Faculty on the Road

Northfield Mount Hermon is proud to present the Faculty on the Road program, bringing excellent NMH teachers to you. Please check the alumni calendar for upcoming Faculty on the Road events. Below is a sampling of future and former events.

Grant Gonzalez, History and Social Sciences
New York City: November 17, 2013

Alumni, families and friends of NMH gathered for an engaging presentation by NMH History and Social Sciences faculty member Grant Gonzalez. Since arriving at NMH in the fall of 2008, Grant has studied, taught and led student trips throughout the Middle East and East Africa. Grant currently teaches the Islamic Middle East Humanities course, as well as Arabic. Hosted by John Mitchell '56.

Phil Calabria, Visual Arts
Ellis Island, NY: September 30, 2012

Becca Leslie, Environmental Science

Philadelphia: March 6, 2012
Becca captivated the audience gathered at the home of Suzie Hill '66 with the incredibly complex projects today's NMH students are undertaking. 

Lorrie Byrom, Center for International Education

Washington, DC: March 4, 2012
This very well attended event focused on the outstanding commitment to international education evidenced in the curriculum at Northfield Mount Hermon. Hosted by Peter Halle '62.
Vicky Jenkins, Math, and Peter Jenkins, College Counseling
Boston: November 17, 2011
At the Museum of Science.  In their introductions of Vicky and Peter, young alumni Courney Eustace '04 and Ivy Santos '10 gave heartfelt thanks to their teachers and advisors. The Jenkins' spoke of campus and classroom life today and where our students are going.
Bill Batty '59, retired
Chicago: September 19, 2011
Greg Harris '02, assistant curator, hosted this event at the newly opened DePaul Art Museum.
Bill Batty ’59, Literature and Film Studies
San Francisco: March 8, 2011
At the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Bill shared memories of his many years at NMH, including how he has been affected by his students, many of whom were in the audience. View photos.
Bill Batty ’59, Literature and Film Studies
Los Angeles: March 6, 2011
The biggest crowd ever for an NMH event in Southern California took a private tour of Sony Picture Studios with Mike Rizzuto '93, manager of post-production facilities, a catered lunch, words of wisdom from Bill Batty, and a private viewing of the Oscar-winning "The Social Network" in the Kim Novak Theatre. View photos.

Ted Thornton, History and Middle East Studies
Houston: February 27, 2011
Thirty alumni learned about the history of the Middle East, how it led to the Arab Spring, and how NMH classrooms are set up to help students process news as it happens. View photos.

Bob Cooley, Literature
New York: November 30, 2010
Every year Bob Cooley takes his Harlem Rennaisance class to the Studio Museum on 125th Street. This year he brought back former students to discuss how the class affected them and invited other alumni to listen in and experience the Studio Museum for themselves. View photos.

If you are interested in having a Faculty on the Road event in your area, please contact Laurel Edson '05, associate director of Alumni and Parent Giving and Programs, at 413-498-3858 or events@nmhschool.org.