Meet the Admission Staff

Meet the admission office team

Greetings from the Dean of Enrollment

Welcome to our website, where you are now beginning the NMH Experience. The capitalized “E” in “experience” is deliberate. The NMH Experience is a journey that begins with the admission process at Northfield Mount Hermon and for a selected few continues throughout a student’s time here.

What makes the NMH admission process different? Each prospective student has a personal advisor, an educational expert with the expected title of “admission counselor”—but with an unexpected level of thoughtful attention to the needs of students and their families. This personal advisor model mirrors the values of the NMH advising system for students who already attend NMH: Like advisors and other adults who counsel students on academic and cocurricular life here, our admission counselors ensure the right care, challenge, and encouragement for each student who is considering NMH.

Once enrolled into our program, you discover the power of our Partnership of 12. All NMH students have at least 12 adults who know them well and can help them develop their strengths. These educational experts support students as they evolve and hone their intellectual and other gifts. Some of these teachers, dorm staff, coaches, advisors, and others work daily with a student, while others offer support in the background. This student-centered focus helps NMH achieve its simple and profound mission: educating the head, heart, and hand of each student by structuring an experience that gives students the confidence, knowledge, and values to succeed. They see better how they fit in the world and how their ability to think critically and understand other people and cultures benefits themselves and their communities. NMH's Partnership of 12 ensures that the promise of our exceptional educational program is fulfilled in the individual life of every student.

As you continue into our process and see NMH Experience in motion, I invite you to ask questions. Put us under the microscope and challenge us as we begin to challenge you. Find out why our tens of thousands of NMH alumni love this school deeply and appreciate how it shaped their lives. Continue to explore NMH online, and please plan to visit us soon to see our beautiful, energetic, and compelling campus firsthand.

Claude Anderson
Head Admission Counselor and Dean of Enrollment