International Programs

Some of the many exciting and enriching opportunities at NMH are nowhere near campus. Instead, you’ll find them in places like Brazil, China, South Africa, or New Zealand. When you participate in one of our International Studies programs, you live abroad for three to six weeks. Staying with a local family, you’ll get incredible insight into the country and its people. You’ll also gain new perspectives on yourself, your own culture, and the world at large.

The programs are designed around topics like environmental and political issues, literature, history, and religion. In non-English speaking countries, you’ll also work on your language skills. Your travel time will be combined with on-campus courses for part of the semester; reading and writing assignments enhance your experience.

Activities in country can include anything from visiting favelas (Brazilian shanty towns) to learning candombe drumming in Uruguay to visiting the Aya Sophia mosque in Istanbul. You might attend classes at a local school, keep a journal for the course, or do an independent research project. And whether you’re writing critical analyses or personal narratives, or exploring Maori political issues or the role of Islamic art, you’re sure to gain insights you simply couldn’t have gotten at home.

International studies courses are selective; you’ll need to apply during the spring semester for the following year. The programs are open to students who have been at NMH for at least a year, and they incur an additional cost above tuition. For each program, you’ll receive three academic credits for, depending on the course, international studies, language, or a specific discipline.

The courses change from year to year, depending on enrollment and staffing. 

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