At Northfield Mount Hermon, where a purposeful education is paramount, we encourage students to push their intellectual boundaries. Discover a love for poetry you never knew you had. Access an aptitude for quantitative thinking that has not yet been developed. Experiment with learning a new language. Explore unanticipated directions in pursuit of knowledge, and we will encourage your journey. Inevitably, that journey will take you beyond the classroom, as you uncover learning opportunities through clubs, community service, on teams, in the residence halls, and perhaps through study abroad experiences. You’ll learn to think like a citizen of the world—and learn to be an active citizen within your own community.

Our teachers represent the heart of the NMH experience. As credentialed scholars, they’re the equal of any boarding-school faculty in the country. Dedicated and passionate, they will inspire you, nurture your interests, and motivate you to excel.

Our College Model Academic Program (CMAP) provides the richest possible educational experience and gives you a glimpse of what college will be like. By taking three major courses each semester, you’ll spend more time in class with your teachers, which allows for deeper discussion and hands-on projects that increase your understanding of the course material.

Our wide range of courses in all academic departments provides for learning experiences that can be tough, fascinating, meaningful, and, yes, downright fun. Combined with our informed, personal college counseling, an NMH education will not only prepare you for college, but will also challenge you to broaden your view of the world while refining your image of yourself.

Of course, as we said, the classroom is just the beginning at NMH. Our international programs can take you to Uruguay to study Spanish or South Africa with our Humanities II course. Our working farm is a living laboratory where you can conduct college-level experiments in plant biology and soil ecology, learn to make lavender soap and maple syrup, and grow organic vegetables for the dining hall. You can dig deeper into your favorite subjects through student organizations like Model UN and the Math Club, or get creative in the amazing Rhodes Arts Center.

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