About NMH


At Northfield Mount Hermon (NMH), we're proud of our motto: Education for the head, heart, and hand. We're proud to offer a balanced, multidimensional learning and living experience — a purposeful education that prepares students for our 21st-century world.

At NMH, we interpret a purposeful education as having three main elements: knowledge, opportunities, and citizenship. Through our distinctive College Model Academic Program (CMAP), we help students develop not only knowledge about the world, but also a love of learning that will serve them through their lifetimes. Our small classes (with a student-to-teacher ratio of six to one) allow the space and time for extended learning and in-depth exploration of subject matter. Students take three major courses each semester — adding up to six challenging college-preparatory courses per year.

Learning continues outside the classroom, through an extensive array of athletic, artistic, and service opportunities. Students develop skills, confidence, and a sense of collaboration and citizenship. Along the way, each and every student is supported by what we call the Partnership of Twelve — a network of adults who are always ready to help.

A few nuts and bolts: We're a nonsectarian coed boarding school serving 650 students in grades nine through 12. We also offer a postgraduate year. Our wooded campus borders the Connecticut River in the Pioneer Valley of western Massachusetts, and in this beautiful setting, we challenge young people to think hard, work hard, discover new talents, and hone the ones they already possess.

Our 60-plus sports teams and more than a dozen performing-arts groups keep students busy after classes, as do a multitude of student-led clubs and organizations and volunteer-service projects. All students participate in the school’s work program, which could mean they do chores on the farm, lead tours of the campus for visitors, clean up in the dining hall, or help out in campus offices. This aspect of life at NMH keeps students invested in the community and deepens their educational experience.

After NMH, students move on to college — including some of the finest in the nation — and into the world with confidence. They are curious, inspired, motivated. They are ready.